Attaining new skills and competences on a steady basis has become a key prerequisite for our evolution both professionally and personally. Thankfully, educational technologies have made it possible to deliver advanced training content at the time, location and pacing chosen by ourselves.

Today's mobile workforce can derive substantial benefits and an increased sense of fulfillment, accomplishment and convenience from training courses offered through online platforms. And employers enjoy substantial cost savings and increased control over the training process with the means afforded by eLearning technologies and tools.

At CyberStream we align technological infrastructure to your organizational objectives and integrate eLearning systems that fuel a smooth execution of the training process while adjusting to the profile and needs of instructors and learners.

Our eLearning portfolio includes solutions for.

Smart Classrooms

Digital technologies are transforming classroom sessions into a rich, oftentimes immersive experience that makes a lasting impression and fosters knowledge retention. New pedagogical concepts such as collaborative or flipped classrooms are facilitated by emerging technologies.

We integrate classroom components based on your specific classroom layout and desired usage under a unified umbrella.

  • Large format, interactive displays
  • Smartboards
  • Educational projectors
  • Document cameras and visualizers
  • Screen sharing products that enable participants to present directly from their device while sharing the display with others

Lecture capture & streaming

Recording classroom sessions and making them available over the Internet is a great way to create new educational content in the preferred format of most learners, namely video. It is also less costly than custom made content and recordings can be enriched with subtitles, synchronized slideshows, picture-in-picture or side-by-side layouts and many other forms of post processing.

CyberStream delivers end-to-end solutions for capturing, processing, storing, streaming and archiving lecture content. From cameras and microphones to the software suite of products that compose a coherent solution along with the recommended hardware, we have the expertise and past experience to help you build a scalable and customizable system.

Avoid the complexity of having to choose individual products such as video capture cards, audio embedding devices, processing platforms, transcoding standards, streaming servers, etc. Make it all easy for your instructors and execute at the push of a button!

Web conferencing

Modern professional life has embraced web conferencing massively, to enable business workers to meet and collaborate as frequently as required in the pursuit for increased productivity. Low prices, high quality, wide availability and simplicity of all underlying technological components have contributed to this rapid uptake.

Virtual classrooms are an obvious application for web conferencing technology. Eliminating distance and maintaining the social contact between learners and instructors, web conferencing provides a great opportunity for reducing costs and enhancing the impact of training programs.

At CyberStream we have a solid, hands on experience of more than a decade with web conferencing platforms and their integration into the practice of delivering effective training sessions. Cisco Webex, Adobe Connect and open source tools such as Apache OpenMeetings and BigBlueButton are among the platforms we have deployed.

Our web conferencing offerings support:

  • Full training session management and/or participation on any device, including mobiles
  • Session capturing and offline content creation
  • LMS integration
  • Breakout rooms, whiteboarding, application sharing, chat and high performance audio/video
  • Engagement through learner feedback and detailed activity reporting
  • Easy scheduling, enrollment and notification management
  • Scaling from a few participants to several hundrends

Asynchronous eLearning portals

If you are looking to implement an online learning environment, chances are you have already found that moodle (, is the most widely used, community supported and elaborate in features platform.

We offer full development services based on moodle, and have leveraged its features in numerous installations to support the training processes of academic organizations with very different profiles.

Our Learning Management Systems can be fully customized to your requirements and support management of curricula, training groups, learning resources, content creation processes, assessment and feedback collection, extensive reporting, etc. Our LMS solutions are open and interoperable and can interconnect with external systems, such as web conferencing solutions, content repositories, authentication systems and more.

Training course development

Educational content plays a crucial role in the efficiency of e-learning programs as well as in the overall satisfaction of participants to such programs. It should therefore be properly structured, interactive, easily accessible and reusable.

At CyberStream we use a methodology based on instructional design principles, which renders personalized learning content according to individual needs of target audiences.

We develop professional quality learning resources and can guarantee application of instructional design rules, compliance to international standards, optimization of training material for online use and application of known best practices.

Your Benefits

  • Leveraging of open source and best-of-breed commercial components to suit individual organization needs
  • In depth understanding of training process lifecycle and uses of educational technology
  • Extensive experience from a wide range of installed systems, including large scale platforms for thousands of trainees
  • Skilled team in training material development and processing of existing training resources in a manner suitable for online use