How do you talk to your customers? Your visitors? Your employees? In an era defined by the dominance of video, digital signage has emerged as the prevailing option to implement a successful communication strategy! No other medium can deliver rich, colorful content in such a controlled and immersive manner.

Digital signage can assist your organization to promote products, inform, educate or entertain an audience, reduce perceived waiting time, raise the profile of a location and even communicate alerts. Take advantage of the convergence of several mature and affordable technologies to deliver your messages effectively!

Turnkey digital signage solutions

For over a decade we have been implementing digital signage systems of all sizes and complexity levels. Our customers have enjoyed robust systems designed for continuous operation, ease of use, openness and scalability.

Our digital signage practice provides comprehensive, end-to-end system development and implementation, including experience design, hardware procurement, content development, operation and maintenance. Our solutions include:

  • Professional grade displays and media player procurement
  • Videowall systems
  • Touchscreen & interactive applications
  • Enterprise content management software
  • Content production
  • Managed services
  • Custom content applications and widgets


Our internally developed software solution for digital signage brings content, devices and applications under a common, unified environment. DSplay is one of the most versatile digital signage content management systems available in the market and makes it easy for any type of organization to implement streamlined editorial processes and marketing campaigns.

DSplay is a fully web based system with extensive functionality enabling support of the most advanced and engaging application scenarios.

Some of its more interesting features include:


  • Combine many types of equipment from various vendors, depending on your application needs
  • Deploy on premises, on private cloud or as SaaS solution
  • Explore unlimited content sources, including RSS feeds, weather, news, currency exchange rates, social media, calendars, websites, and more.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Affordable pricing policy following pay-as-you-grow model allows you to start with minimum Capex
  • Perpetual license or monthly subscription fee available, on hosted or on premises infrastructure
  • Training & support embedded in license fee, no hidden project costs
  • Reasonably priced customization options

Powerful Technology

  • Cost effective hardware components are leveraged through video hardware acceleration technology
  • Freedom of choice is afforded by our open technology stack letting you choose between Windows, Android, Linux and LG WebOS devices.
  • Small footprint software eliminates costs and minimizes processing requirements.
  • Open media format policy maintains compatibility with all popular types.
  • Take a look at the latest features of DSplay (version 3.1) here, or
  • Download a detailed product brief

Smart & interactive signage

Digital signage has evolved greatly from the era of manual content editing and unidirectional broadcasting of promotional content. Today's marketing executives can aspire to a much more powerful tool that establishes brand loyalty and capitalizes on the popularity of smartphones and other interaction devices to make a lasting impression and establish customer relations.

DSplay has been developed along these directions and delivers unique features. Here is what you can expect:

Smart Signage

Content does not have to be static information stored as media files in the content management system. A smart layer allows the establishment of connections and automatic retrieval of content from a great variety of systems.

From back end applications to live data feeds, your displays can render content that is always updated and relevant without manual intervention. Content can also be triggered by any dynamically changing conditions, such as time, weather, location and even audience demographics!

Interactive Signage

Allowing viewers to control the content of your displays empowers you to offer a wide range of useful applications such as wayfinding information, product catalogs, coupons, telephone directories, amusement games, and more.

Take advantage of a great selection of interaction technologies including sensors, beacons, smartphones, touch overlays, barcodes and RFIDs to build meaningful dialogs with your audience and provide a personalized experience.

Our dedicated website to our digital signage solution and offerings can be accessed here.