Streamlining. An appropriate term to encapsulate the urge to organize the flow of your operations in a manner that promotes order and efficiency. This is not about models, standards or roles. This is about your business and its improvement!

High performance. Execution prowess. Consistent outcome. Optimal resource utilization. Today's competitive environment dictates ambitious goals. Expand and optimize your operations with our Business Process Management solutions.

Workflow Management

Process Modeling

Documenting operational processes is the first step to achieving automation and optimization through leveraging IT resources.

We provide tools to describe, communicate, analyze and model business operations. Apply a standardized, globally accepted notation based on BPMN 2.0 and produce models in a format that can be directly deployed on a powerful workflow engine.

Process Execution

Handle tasks and their assignments systematically and support process execution with a powerful, open source workflow platform. Activiti is a small footprint, high performance, robust process execution framework bridging the needs of business managers and IT developers. Activti shortens considerably the development lifecycle to support sophisticated processes and integrates smoothly with enterprise content management systems.

Process Monitoring

Collect valuable information on the state of processes in execution and capture the performance of your business structure for any given rules.

Our process monitoring mechanisms enable logging and measurement of Key Performance Indicators that reflect the efficiency and productivity of your organization.

Analysis & Decision Support

Process optimization and re-engineering is the cornerstone of a continuous improvement mindset.

Our process analysis and decision support enables managers to identify business issues, bottlenecks, trends, and opportunities with reports and dashboards and react accordingly.

Enterprise Content Management

Digital content is a strategic asset in today's knowledge intensive economy. At the same time, the excessive rate at which digital content is growing is proving overwhelming for businesses and organizations. Video and many other forms of content are creating needs that go way beyond what was enough to handle the output of conventional desktop applications.

Develop a failsafe way to manage digital assets and streamline the processes involved in creating, managing and distributing enterprise content. Our solutions, designed to enhance workplace performance, support the full life cycle of digital content and optimize operations such as style based creation, indexing, searching, routing and publishing of structured and unstructured content items.

Enterprise content integration

Combine content from separate, distributed repositories in a single system that takes a decentralized approach to storing and securing electronic documents, images, and other files. Implement a unified view to content with extended, wide ranging search, indexing, retrieval and other functions.

Apply common metadata catalogs and policies across enterprise wide content stores and ensure access to external systems using standard APIs. Push and publish this content to external systems such as enterprise portals and web sites.

Our content integration solutions eliminate the need for complex and costly content migration exercises from one system to another.

Document Management

Enjoy the benefits of a powerful, open source, smart and secure platform that has evolved into the de facto market choice for document management. Alfresco ECM is a leading platform which automates content storage and management functions such as checking documents in and out of repositories, cataloging and organizing, implementing filing schemes, and more.

Alfresco provides a robust and open environment for hosting business critical content and facilitates custom applications through a set of standardized APIs. It can scale to accommodate any organizational size and can easily integrate with the Activiti platform to support end-to-end workflows with built-in document handling capabilities.


The modern workplace requires frequent and monitored collaboration and content sharing between team members. Your ECM platform should therefore provide tools that remove intra- and interdepartmental communication barriers through discussion forums, dynamic workspaces, wiki pages and message boards.

Enable content synchronization and sharing and engage all enterprise users or business partners over all channels and devices, including mobiles. Apply access rights and permissions, including rules for document preparation workflow and publishing.

Digital Archiving

Conversion of physical, paper documents into an electronic format through scanning helps preserve, share and quickly locate information otherwise limited to a few individuals.

Our solutions enable organizations to develop and expand their digital archives with support for all key functions, from scanning, to storage, OCR processing, metadata extraction, classification and a whole range of processes that add value and facilitate access to digitized documents. Gain control of your archives and enforce flexible access policies while maintaining convenience and ease of access.

Our WORKSTREAM platform combines features of workflow and enterprise content management in a unique package, suitable for quick deployment and ease of use on any device. Read more…

CyberStream provides an extensive range of services on the Alfresco platform, including consulting, administration and development, delivered by certified professionals.