IT Consulting

An experienced technology advisor can help you extract enormous value from modest investments aimed at enhancing operational efficiency. Our IT consulting practice capitalizes on an extensive range of technological specializations mixed with a proven track record of successful project implementations and hands on experience.

We take pride in our ability to concentrate on achieving tangible business goals, while utilizing established methodologies and maintaining a consistent client focus.

Our consulting services are developed around the following subjects:

Project Management

Our experts can help you optimize team efforts in the design, work organization and management of any IT project. Our extensive project portfolio enables us to concentrate on practical matters, while applying creative thinking and seeking innovative solutions.

We maintain an approach of collaboration and team spirit while coordinating key resources according to a planned task structure to ensure timely and within budget delivery. But further than that, we take measures to realize opportunities while navigating through risks to achieve success, however our clients measure it.

System Design

Complex system development requires skills and expertise that are rare and hard to develop. Our system design service ensures systems meeting the full extent of your requirements, while keeping costs down and maintaining your options for future expansion.

We perform continuous monitoring of market trends, product reviews and expert studies and are in a unique position to analyze and produce detailed specifications of systems combining disparate products. We provide outstanding support to bidding processes and help procure integrated solutions with a focus on interoperability and compliance to open standards.


The human capital is the greatest asset within an organization, suggests the conventional wisdom. We subscribe fully to this belief.

We design and conduct customized training courses to enable employees to master the concepts and features of each system that we develop. In addition, we provide training on select technology subjects aimed at transferring business-critical IT skills and expertise to individuals and organizations.

Training options include face-to-face seminars, on the job training, as well as online courses delivered either in real time or as eLearning material.

Training sessions for our reseller partners, delivered primarily online, are continuous and reflect our commitment to sharing our insight, methods and tools that guarantee an outstanding level of support to end customers.

Data Management and Analytics

Data-driven decision processes require specific competences to turn information into insight and recommendations for actions. Data need to be omnipresent, accessible, integrated from multiple sources and aligned with business processes.

Our Big Data Analytics services are built around the concept of Digital Transformation, turning your enterprise into a knowledge driven organization.

To achieve this, we support you in:

  • Formulating your data strategy
  • Preparing for the Digital Transformation
  • Building your data processing infrastructure
  • Realizing your data-driven decision making applications and tools