AV Experience

Video is becoming rapidly the prevalent medium for businesses to communicate, educate and entertain. Evolution in personal devices and communications technologies sustains the continuation of this trend without any noticeable slowdown. As a consequence, audiovisual technology is treated as an integral part of modern office infrastructure.

Additionally, convergence between the AV and IT world is speeding up integration and creates expectations for shared systems and new applications. Video is nowadays carried on IP networks, rather than dedicated video distribution systems. Audiovisual devices are controlled through network ports and web interfaces on typical touchscreen devices, including tablets and smartphones. Video editing, streaming and archiving needs to be supported through standardized solutions across the enterprise.

AV Experience is a comprehensive service by CyberStream, to enable businesses to exploit audiovisual systems in a meaningful way, in line with corporate strategy and objectives. We design, build, integrate and maintain new systems that will blend seamlessly with your current ones and will be viable in the long term. Contact us for obtaining advise and solutions in the following areas:

  • Video collaboration devices and services
  • Digital signage
  • Interactive video walls and LED walls
  • Video processing equipment
  • IPTV and video streaming
  • Video content management
  • Video connectivity and switching
  • Audiovisual control systems
  • Auditorium and conference rooms
  • Control rooms

Whatever your needs and usage profile are you can benefit from our in depth knowledge and valuable partnerships with industry leaders.