About Us

We are an established IT company with the mindset of a start-up that turns ideas into products with creativity and enthusiasm. We place our solid academic background and extensive experience to work for our customers, alongside time tested methods and quality control processes. We guarantee outstanding, innovative results that deliver practical business value and competitiveness.


CyberStream started life as a professional services IT company in 2000. Its founding members assemble more than seven decades of practical expertise with IT technologies and have held key positions in numerous projects and organizations.

Since its inception the company has had a strong orientation towards systems integration and development of innovative software solutions and products. We have an impeccable track record with delivering turnkey systems on time and within budget for a great variety and number of projects. In this exciting course we have had particular success in developing sophisticated software systems with a significant part based on open source platforms.

Over time we have developed our own, solid and failproof method of project execution, "the CyberStream way". It enables us to face each new problem with confidence and remain undeterred in the face of difficulty. In addition, we take pride in the hundreds of happy customers using our products and fueling their daily activities with our solutions.

Values & Ethics

Our core principles set the foundations for our strategy and daily decisions. Our business partners can expect from us a firm focus on technical excellence, professionalism, integrity and innovation.

We are a company with a strong people culture and believe firmly that a team spirit is essential in achieving great results. Our people are hand-picked for their alignment with our principles and their strong work ethic. They have the drive to sharpen their technical background and skills continuously and are committed to the pursuit of excellence through customer satisfaction.


We value the insight and knowhow we draw from partnering with the following leading companies: